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Canaletto is known for painting for aristocratic tourists doing the Grand Tour. But in The Stonemason's Yard, he shows a different view of Venice.

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Today I went through the Channel Tunnel and started asking questions.

It turns out that the trains can dissipate up to 100 MW of energy (!) into the tunnel, so it has to be actively cooled by the largest refrigeration system in Europe.

Postgres is adding a "unique nulls not unique" index, which prevents duplicate nulls. Normally a unique index allows duplicates if any column is null, so duplicate values of (123, null) are allowed.

UK Air Traffic Control is observing a 2 minute silence for the Queen tomorrow

Tonight! The IgNobel prizes! 6pm US Eastern Time is 11pm British Summer Time. Be there or be a regular quadrilateral!

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Got round to transcribing the "dog-eared" sections of Alison B. Powell's Undoing Optimism.

Which also means I've got a copy free if anyone wants to borrow it...

Blog All Dog-eared Pages: Undoing Optimization by Alison B. Powell

Delayed Gratification gives the full story. The huge volcano eruption in March has finished, and the number of casualties and risk of another eruption are known.

Paddle Steamer Waverley is back in London and the Thames between 23 September and 9 October. Always exciting to travel by steam ship!

Measuring Worth calculates inflation if you want to know the value of commodities, the percentage of the economy, or the cost of labour of a price from the past.

Today is Anti-Pancake Day, the tuesday 6 months on from Pancake Day. You can celebrate Anti-Pancake Day by eating pancakes again. Why eat pancakes just once a year?

The rest of the story: the bird flu worries from April have reduced to the stage where restrictions are being lifted. Chickens will be allowed outdoors again (the free range ones, anyway).

A look at git hashes, including why the hash of a blob isn't the sha1sum of the original file.

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