Remember the old orange square hazard pictograms for toxic, flammable, etc? They got replaced by red and white GHS pictograms way back in 2008 (EC 1272/2008), but only fully disappeared in 2017. Standardization is great, but I miss the attention-grabbing orange.

19 October. Join me and up to one million friends in demanding an end to brexit.

Liquid chromatography in beer glass. Draw line in felt-tip 2cm from the bottom of kitchen towel. Place in 1cm deep water. Water carries felt-tip mark upwards. Chemicals have different friction from paper, so colours separate.

Wonder why your screws never go in straight? Make a pilot hole using pin punch and mallet first!

Home made pizza. Secret ingredient: Lloyd Grossman Tomato and Basil sauce. Yeah, it's supposed to be for pasta, but it works really well as a tomato sauce here too.

Re-potted a blueberry plant, which is picky about needing acidic soil (ericaceous). Mixed elemental sulfur with some compost: bacteria slowly convert the sulfur into sulfuric acid, making it acidic.

review: A Fire Upon The Deep by Verner Vinge. Reads like a timeless sci-fi classic, with lots of space given to showing off the world and its ideas. But it's also well paced and builds up to be a proper page-turner by the end.

I'm in Seville! There is sunshine, seville oranges and seven-hundred year old buildings. ☀

For the vegan in your life: fake cheese that really does taste like cheese


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