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Because of issues like lwn.net/Articles/779542/rss it's a good idea to change make root inside the container have a different uid than root on the host. docs.docker.com/engine/securit

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Rocks on the lake Baikal get heated from the sunlight every now and then and melt the ice beneath. After the sun is gone, the ice turns solid again thus creating a small stand for the rock above. It is called the Baikal Dzen.

New version of PyPy got released - looks like improvements to gc and cffi lwn.net/Articles/779432/rss

Planted onions and early carrots today. Delicious onion smell protects the carrots against pests. I should have planted the onions in December, but it was cold and I regret nothing. Next: tomato seeds into windowsill pots.

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What do people do all day? For 20 random people in UK:

πŸ‘Ά Pre-school
πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸ‘© In school
πŸŽ“ In education
🍼 At home
πŸ› Unwell
🏑🏠🏑 Retired
πŸš‘πŸ« In public sector
πŸ”¨ Self-employed
🏒🏭 Part time
πŸ’ΌπŸ–ŠπŸ’» In a office
πŸ› πŸ“¦ Elsewhere

@domketley Fastmail looks like a good choice. You should be able to get a domain from anyone and set the MX record to, um, whatever fastmail tells you to?

Afaict, everyone who sells you a domain also does free dns hosting? Looks like gandi does: docs.gandi.net/en/domain_names

I'm pretty sure mythic beasts and dreamhost do too

@domketley Oh, wow! Perhaps make a filter that matches everything and forwards it to a new email address?

@domketley I've had experience with:

dreamhost: buy domain, buy website hosting. Email is free with the website hosting. Large boring company doing a good job.

mythic beasts. Buy domain, buy hosting. Small company, loves IPv6, good customer service.

Both of these have crappy webmail interfaces, so forward using POP/SMTP to proper clients.

Gandi and Dnsimple also have a good reputation for domains, but don't do hosting.

There's probably companies which just do email, but not tried them.

@domketley You'll need (1) to buy a domain name and (2) to host DNS somewhere and (3) to host your emails somewhere

Most places do all three, but you might have to pay for each one separately.

If you buy a domain, they'll put your real postal address on the public whois database, unless you get privacy protection. Privacy protection is often free (eg: dreamhost) or the only option (eg: mythic beasts) or it might be an optional extra (f'king godaddy). You should probably check!

Making silk in beer using yeast and gene editing: m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx8TcGrC Literally everything about modern genetics seems insane.

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Amazing. RustPython is the top trending project on GitHub. github.com/trending

@cthulahoops Liking Mastadon too - it's pretty solid, and the default config sets HSTS and Content-Securty-Policy! *boggles*

@cthulahoops True, IPv6 is pretty great - I found out yesterday about using NAT64 nameservers to connect to IPv4 hosts, which solves lots of problems. Unless you're trying to convince docker images to ignore their ipv4 address! But I love the idea of containers in containers all the way down, it's such a thrill!

Set up a Mastodon server today, including (hopefully) cross-posting to Twitter. Hurrah!

@cthulahoops I tried to run this on an IPv6-only VPS. Docker worked surprisingly well in IPv6 - if you want everything to be publicly accessible. But github.com has no IPv6 address. Long story short, I'm running it on IPv4. (And had fun learning stuff, which is surely the _real_ prize...)

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