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Next, I *think* this is the world's first domain name with #Braille characters


If I'm wrong, please let me know.

@pikesley @orangetronic define a function called ":", which when called pipes ":" into ":"
ie: every call will call itself twice
"&" to do things in the background (avoid blocking)

Find out if your MP will change when the boundaries are redrawn. Consultation closes Monday. bcereviews.org.uk/

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Time to think about #AdventOfCode! A 2-part coding puzzle every day until Xmas.

Might this be the year I get anywhere near collecting all 50 stars? ⭐️⭐️

If you're interested, have a look at some previous puzzles, pick a programming language, join in!


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This weekend is your last chance to have your say on boundaries for electing MPs. I commented about my local Southend. Please comment on your area. dbatley.com/blog/2022/11/bound

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#Census2021 offers a case study in "question order bias". The choices for "national identity" on the 2011 census form in England had "English" as the first option. In 2021 "British" was first. In each case, the first choice on the list proved most popular

Large slow tables in PostgreSQL can sometimes work more quickly by being split into smaller tables. Table inheritance magic makes them appear as one table. Instead of using an index to find matching rows from the big table, the query will only search the matching tables. postgresql.org/docs/current/dd

Here's the real deal on Feynman Diagrams and how to use them to calculate quantum systems, from PBS Space Time youtu.be/fG52mXN-uWI

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2013 screenshot of Google Maps satellite view of Russell Square. The plane appears to be low because the satellite's so high compared to both.

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i'm beginning to realize that the vast majority of folks never grew up seeing a computer downloading files from a BBS.

here I go, pirating warez like a maniac from a bulletin board system in belgium. you'll notice the filenames are all CLS*.ZIP - CLaSS scene releases of various games from the 90s. They're downloading at some godforsaken speed not possible in 1995. Around 115200 KBaud.

Ektoplazm is my go-to site for interesting and weird music. Try the album Trojan.exe by Virus Installer for some uplifting psytrance.

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This is one of my favourite educational images so I’m going to share it just because. #languages #world

@vancha sure you know of earlyoom, but that solved all my memory / swap freezes for years. Not that anything helps an upgrade gone bad - as I found out that time I accidentally uninstalled the window manager and wondered why things weren't were working so well…

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🆕 blogging - “Experiments with domestic load shedding in the UK”

Electricity demand varies throughout the day. When demand is higher, electricity prices go up. Most UK consumers are insulated from this variability - we pay a fixed price per kWh no matter what the actual wholesale cost. But it doesn't need to be this w…

👀 Read more: shkspr.mobi/blog/2022/11/exper

#electricity #EnergyCrisis #money #NaBloPoMo #SavingSessions #solar

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I wrote a nano tool that tries to extract the #Fediverse accounts of your #Twitter followings: fedifinder.glitch.me/

It searches for the patterns @user@host.tld, user@host.tld and host.tld/@user in the screen name, description, location and URL field. It displays them to you in the correct format for easy copying as well as a CSV download that can be imported to #Mastodon.

Known issue: Mail addresses are included as false positives because people write their handle without a leading @: name@host.tld

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