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The modern Linux equivalent to .zip is .tgz, and it makes me happy that the program which makes them still supports -L, an option which lets you change the reel of magnetic tape part way through. linux.die.net/man/1/tar

crt.sh has a list of all recent ssl certificates which appear in the certificate transparency logs. crt.sh/?q=%25.buildmorebuslane

Epic music: playing Mega Man 2 while Bit Brigade play the soundtrack youtu.be/MUHlVdqRlPA

It's Early Harvest, when farmers harvest corn and celebrate the first loaves of bread from this years harvest. It's also a good time to collect blackberries and other wild berries en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lammas

TCP keep alive works by re-sending the previous ack, even though no more data has been received. There is normally no response for ack packets with no data, but for keep-alives servers respond by also re-sending the previous ack. github.com/wireshark/wireshark

Europe's Galileo global positioning system had 5 days downtime earlier this month. The satellites were fine, the issue was with the support on the ground. gsc-europa.eu/news/galileo-ini Current status: gsc-europa.eu/system-status/Co

It's a great time to read Sustainable Energy Without The Hot Air, an easy to read book asking if/how we can stop using fossil fuels. There are great ballpark estimates, which make the huge numbers instantly understandable. Free pdf. withouthotair.com/

LightSail 2 will be unfurling its solar sail on Tuesday. The crowdfunded spacecraft plans to accelerate by reflecting sunlight off the solar sail. planetary.org/blogs/jason-davi

Music recommendation: Ecuador by Sash! The song is just so ridiculous and awesome. youtu.be/9cQlVww0zKo

Drama as two conflicting proposals both want to use the same TCP's congestion notification flags. lwn.net/Articles/783673/

Liquid chromatography in beer glass. Draw line in felt-tip 2cm from the bottom of kitchen towel. Place in 1cm deep water. Water carries felt-tip mark upwards. Chemicals have different friction from paper, so colours separate.

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