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Sunak apologised for taking off a seatbelt for 30 seconds. Zahawi won’t apologise for failing to pay £3.7m of tax, lying about it, threatening to sue people who write about it, and then secretly admitting it all to HMRC and paying up behind our backs taxpolicy.org.uk/zahawi_story

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This is pretty near:

Detect breaches with Canary credit cards!


Today we’re releasing a new Canarytoken type: actual credit cards!

1. Head over to canarytokens.org;
2. We give you a valid credit card (number, expiration, and CVC);
3. If anyone ever attempts to use that card you’ll be notified.


Brutal opening on ambulance response times in this week's More or Less, the quiet, nerdy statistics podcast. bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0dwzvt0

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Something new I learned today: Atkinson Hyperlegible Font is a font designed with low vision readers in mind.

Can be downloaded off of Google Fonts or directly from the Braille Institute: brailleinstitute.org/freefont

[ #FediArt #MastoArt #typography ]

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Doing the backup of my laptop's data, which I haven't done in years. Be better than me - sort out your backups today!

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Thames Water finally opened up their sewage discharge monitoring data, which is good. Unfortunately what the data shows is not so good, but I'm glad it's finally public.


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Axing the ONS infection survey would be a MASSIVE mistake.

Instead of cutting it we should be EXPANDING it - we have an opportunity for an incredible public health tool. Let's add Flu, RSV & other resp viruses and really understand their seasonality 1/2


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Following the launch of our first RDNA 3-based #Radeon GPUs, we've published the ISA reference guide.

If you're interested in how the #RDNA3 shader μarch works, be it for optimization or education, dig in!


Good news: local authorities can now (apply to) enforce traffic offences like driving in the bus lane, ignoring "no left/right turn" and "no entry" signs, and blocking box junctions. Previously, only the police could issue fines, but were often too busy to do so. It's a good solution, as local authorities want to solve traffic issues. southend.gov.uk/news/article/2

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UKpol, voter ID 

This year, you won't be able to vote without certain photo ID in the UK. Most of the accepted forms are non-free, and are skewed towards the kinds of ID older people have. Keep your right to vote by getting a Voter Authority Certificate if you don't have other valid ID. Learn about it here: electoralcommission.org.uk/i-a

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