"git switch" exists, so don't need to "git checkout" to switch branches any more

Coca-cola plastic is 9% from recycled plastic and 81% from new plastic ... but Pepsi do a worse job with 3% recycled vs 97% new plastic. resource-recycling.com/plastic

I read "Your package has been despatched" like that maffia wrote it

There's a lot of "reschedule delivery of your parcel" scams going around, which are remarkably believable if you're waiting for a package. Don't get caught, and report 'em to Google Safebrowsing.

The UK energy cap this winter is about £700 for 3,100kWh (up from £650), so 1kWh cost 23p. Things that now cost 1p: modern light bulb for 3 hours, laptop on for 45 mins, microwave or heater for 3 mins, kettle for 90 seconds. ofgem.gov.uk/publications/defa

Excited about the cycling race going through Southend and Rayleigh this afternoon. I'll be out there, cheering them on! womenstour.co.uk/stages/stage-

The 31st First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony is shown online this Thursday at 11pm London time. Get your paper planes ready for these must-see science awards improbable.com/2021-ceremony/

Today, I have been mostly updating my websites / servers to run on Debian 11, which was released last week

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