An interesting prediction: "By 2030, half of the UK adult population will be vegan." Disagree? Challenge for the prestige (as the money goes to charity!)

Tonight is the Ig Nobel prize ceremony, a celebration of the most interesting scientific discoveries of our age. 11pm London time (6pm New York time)

This Thursday at 11pm London time is the 30th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize, streamed live on the Internet. Previously: magnetized cockroaches, spilling coffee and the personalities of rocks.

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The library has reopened so I have to return the books I borrowed in February. I guess you could say this year hasn't gone to plan.

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Sunday afternoon (2pm BST start) I'll be #LiveCoding making a custom map with #OpenStreetMap. Watch the stream at or join in the making at

LibreOffice Personal Edition, and making sure the developers get paid

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