The Earth's Core contains a large iron crystal spinning differently to the rest of the Earth. But how could scientists ever work that out? In Our Time

Democracy Club is crowdsourcing information on the candidates for the general election, election leaflets, and everything else.

I run a site showing everyone else's tactical voting recommendations:

Where do people give conflicting suggestions? is a spreadsheet which shows the differences.

Podcast recommendation: 13 Minutes to the Moon. Tells the story of Apollo, with interviews and geeky details. Presenter Kevin Fong expands a 13 minute landing into about several hours of drama and excitement.

Git 2.23 was released: "git checkout" becomes "git switch" (change branch) and "git restore" (set contents of file to a previous revision). "git checkout" still works (and probably will work forever).

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Asimov's little known fourth law of robotics: "A robot may not fill in an online form or, through inaction, allow an online form to be filled in."

Brushing your teeth:
- brush the gums, especially boundary between teeth and gums, angled down/up to get in good
- brush in a circular motion
- no rinsing or mouthwash (dilutes fluoride toothpaste)
- brush between teeth using interdental brushes

The nice vs nasty of copyright enforcement: The End of Hellwig vs. VMware from Free as in Freedom podcast

For tactical voting nerds, a list of remain parties which can win in each constituency. If only one remain party could win (even under others' best polling assumptions), then it's easy to know who to vote for. Hopefully PeoplesVote will come up with an answer for more difficult cases.

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