Scientists know neutrinos switch between three different weights. A new experiment is looking at whether there's an even weightier fourth neutrino.

Been playing with the Pocket Operator, a tiny synthesizer designed to record and play back simple loops. Very easy to make something that sounds good, even if (like me) you're not very musically talented.

Time Bandits. It's a Terry Gilliam film, so every scene is more elaborate and amazing than the last. An adventure!

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Reasons to stay in touch: we are happier when we spend more time with others

Big changes planned with psycopg2 (or psycopg3), python's postgres database module. Adding async support, a nicer api for transactions and more efficient interaction with underlying c api.

Book recommendation: Star Trek Chain of Attack. I'm pleased to report this book is just as terrible as The Original Series on TV, and just as enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Our World in Data looks at Coronavirus: what's the mortality rate in healthy people, and how do you know if you have normal flu?

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