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How to Save Wet Books After A Flood

I wish I knew this in 1980 when my basement apartment flooded. My high school yearbook might have been saved.


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It’s finally time to release my newest project: followthecrypto.org/

This website provides a real-time lens into the cryptocurrency industry’s efforts to influence 2024 elections in the United States.

#crypto #cryptocurrency #elections #USpol #lobbying

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About as many countries opened new coal plant units as shut units down in 2023, but overall more capacity added than retired

A surge in new coal plants coming online in China drove this increase — 47.4 GW, or roughly two- thirds of global additions — coupled with new capacity in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Korea, Greece, and Zimbabwe.


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Do/Have you used a CD/DVD/Bluray in a while?

What about burning a disk?

I'm surveying modern day awareness/usage of optical media, mostly to confirm some demographic theories, so if you know what a CD/DVD is, please help me (and maybe others) out by answering some ~10 questions here:


And then please boost for better visibility! Thank you!

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Been quietly watching the appointment of new transport ministers.

It's worth noting that the DfT is now headed by the most northern set of MPs I think its ever had, as a collective group. Including former Transport Select Committee chair Lilian Greenwood (who is excellent).

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Our new Transport Minster not only personally owns two Routemaster buses, but gives transport infrastructure bus tours of London where he will "interject from the driver’s cab as appropriate".

I love him.


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Despite its huge majority, Labour secured little over a third of votes cast — the lowest vote share for a government since the Second World War. Full data here: iamkate.com/data/minority-rule

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🏢 40,000 polling stations are now open across 30,800 individual polling places.

Find yours! 👇

🗳️ wheredoivote.co.uk/ 🗳️

#generalelection #GE2024

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the sqlite codebase is a gem.

tldr; mcaffee made a shit ton of sqlite files in the temp folder causing people to call the sqlite devs phone angrily. now they name all files etilqs to prevent this.

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Britain’s last coal fired power station has received its last delivery of coal in anticipation of closure at the end of September. As we look ahead to that historic milestone it is fascinating to look back at how quickly coal has departed the scene. Ten years ago it was still the dominant source of electrical power. More efficient gas burning power squeezed it out, with just over half the greenhouse gas emissions. Now, already, gas burning is being squeezed out too.

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Do future historians a favour: #archive the UK general election.

Four archives are collecting general election leaflets. Instead of throwing your leaflets away, please consider sending them to one of the following.

University of #Bristol specialcollections.blogs.brist

#London School of Economics: lse.ac.uk/library/whats-on/exh

University of Strathclyde, #Scotland guides.lib.strath.ac.uk/archiv

National Library of #Wales library.wales/welshpoliticalar

#ukpolitics #GE2024 #histodons #archives

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New blog! Who's on the ballot? We take a look at what our candidate database can tell us about the people standing for election on 4 July.

👩 30% of candidates are female.

⌛ Their average year of birth is 1973.

🔙 1,219 also contested the 2019 general election.

🎩 550 former MPs are standing for election.

🏛️ 1,055 candidates have recent (2018-present) experience as a councillor.

🍪 The overall favourite biscuit is the digestive.



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So BBC released an online version of the Hitch Hickers guide to the Galaxy text adventure game. enhanced 30th anniversary edition. And guess what folks, it's fully screen reader friendly, Enjoy! bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/

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I feel like surely people on this network would appreciate knowing that the BBC sound effect library, from which you may freely download, has 716 distinct recordings of clocks specifically sound-effects.bbcrewind.co.uk/

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