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Legacy tech systems are like zombies; they survive on brains. My post for dxw's blog, I'm quite pleased with it!

The sentient Google AI story certainly reads like the first chapter in a Charles Stross novel ... Or is it just optimized to give the responses the creator wants to hear?

This guy really loves locks - and this Fichet 450 is a lovely lock

Firefox does the hard work to stop websites tracking people online. Preventing websites sharing cookies is easy - but doing that without breaking lots of websites is hard.

Want to bet on whether we'll be able to communicate with alternate timelines/dimensions? And have it adjudicated in the year 2700? Let me introduce the Long Now Foundation

Local elections this Thursday. Find out who's standing in your area:

A Tour of C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup is a great guide of how to write good, idiomatic C++ code - which bits to use and what to avoid.

Firefox let's you unload tabs by visiting the special about:unloads page (or the about:processes page)

My personal website uptime promise: I guarantee zero nines uptime

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