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Success: got a box of covid tests free from the local library. More than just books!

LWN puts things in context: "Younger readers may not be familiar with [FTP], which was once how we downloaded Linux distributions before writing them to a pile of diskettes. That is the source of the "ftpmasters" name; it's a reminder of how much worse things used to be."

How to get systemd to open a tcp port and pass it to a service - useful for non-root services wanting a low-numbered port

Mike Massimino's book is a very good read, covering the Space Shuttle and Hubble, and what it takes to become an Astronaut.

Starship Titanic - the radio drama of the book of the video game by Douglas Adams

The James Webb Space Telescope – the successor to Hubble – is launching this week.

GM Word of the Week is a great podcast if you're interested in everything - the world, all that's in it, and how it all fits together. For example, this great episode on ancient Persia

"git switch" exists, so don't need to "git checkout" to switch branches any more

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