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Finally someone suggests replacing Stamp Duty with Capital Gains Tax on houses. Stamp Duty is a tax on moving to a different part of the country - it's a tax on opportunity.

The Solar System, using the equivalent Greek gods:
- Hermes
- Aphrodite
- Gaia
- Ares
- Zeus
- Cronus
- Caelus
- Poseidon

NHS IT: money is wasted on centralised IT, instead of letting hospitals fix the problems which are most important to them

Plan S: those who fund scientific research will only allow publication in open-access journals. Academic publishers charge (a lot) for access, and don't pay the scientists or reviewers. Planned for 2020, it's delayed to 2021.

Nice small tool to wait for an application to open and close a file. Similar to inotifywait from inotify-tools, but filtered by process name.

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Book: The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. A sci-fi book from a Chinese perspective.

Privacy Badger from the EFF - automatically detects who tracks you, and blocks them

Other ways that spectre's incorrect branch prediction can cause problems - swapping the gs segment register at the wrong time.

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