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Glass Cliff Theory holds that once the boys network have decided a CEO job is too hard or the company unsalvageable THEN they give it to a woman. And when she fails they blame it on her.

So if/when Space McAfee boasts about appointing a female CEO to Twitter, remember that.

More on Glass Cliff Theory from the university of Exeter here:

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I spent the last week working with CBS News on their coverage of the coronation. I was tasked with getting their roving crews on air using the private 5G network made by BBC R&D and Neutral Wireless, with broadcast kit from LiveU.

This is how it went:

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Eurovision Song Contest 

I love Ordinary World at the best of times but that was a proper decent take on it. Nice lil thing to wrap things up after all of.. That

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If you have an 'old' Twitter account you don't want deleted for archive or impersonation reasons, then it's probably worth logging back in once and following Elon.

Bet you cash money the Twitter devs will write any delete queries in the next few months with an 'unless they follow Elon' clause.

Do YOU want to be the one explaining to the Narcissist-In-Chief why his follower count dropped?

(Also download the archive of your old tweets if there is good reason to preserve them for the future)

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For this rainy Bank Holiday, I have made a website that makes all the hearing transcripts of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry searchable:

Hope people find it useful.

AI Generated books becoming NY Times bestsellers? Undergraduates winning a Fields Medal? Electric scooter racing!? All are possible futures predicted by

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🌍 I'm starting a series called “Unfucking the Climate”, and we're going to go through everything you need to know, where to put your energy, and what bullshit we can safely ignore.

First post is up. There’s a lot to cover and I’m going to get to _all of it_.

#ClimateAction #UKPollution #BiodiversityCriss

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How do you leak an OEM private key for a trusted boot system. What kind of incompetence leads to that key ever being in a place where it can leak. And if that key can leak, what secret keys aren’t going to leak?

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I’ve recently learned of a different way of limiting corporate travel, and I think it’s brilliant.

Every company travel policy I’d heard of until yesterday has been a variation on the same theme:

There’s an annual a travel budget. Management may or may not have priority and there may be limitations on who can travel together, but in the end the true limit is the amount of money in the budget.

The policy I learned of yesterday is almost, but not quite, unlike the others. The budget isn’t about money. It’s about CO2 emissions. Each department gets a specific amount of CO2 emissions for travel for the year.

The implications are interesting:

Travel within Europe has become train first as a natural consequence. Intercontinental travel has been reduced by a significant amount.

It’s an absolutely amazing policy and it should be the standard corporate travel policy everywhere.

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ME: Tell me you play Warhammer without telling me you play Warhammer

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The UK in 2023: people being bundled into police vans for wearing “Not my king” t-shirts (source:

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🏛️ 230 councils.
🪑 8,000 council seats.
👤 25,750 candidates.
✍️ 28 million voters.
🗳️ 18,400 polling places.

Polls are open 7am-10pm in today's English local elections!

Find your polling station at!

#localelections #UKpolitics #democracy

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GPS jammers have been installed in Westminster ahead of the coronation

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