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Starship Titanic - the radio drama of the book of the video game by Douglas Adams

The James Webb Space Telescope – the successor to Hubble – is launching this week.

GM Word of the Week is a great podcast if you're interested in everything - the world, all that's in it, and how it all fits together. For example, this great episode on ancient Persia

"git switch" exists, so don't need to "git checkout" to switch branches any more

Coca-cola plastic is 9% from recycled plastic and 81% from new plastic ... but Pepsi do a worse job with 3% recycled vs 97% new plastic.

I read "Your package has been despatched" like that maffia wrote it

There's a lot of "reschedule delivery of your parcel" scams going around, which are remarkably believable if you're waiting for a package. Don't get caught, and report 'em to Google Safebrowsing.

The UK energy cap this winter is about £700 for 3,100kWh (up from £650), so 1kWh cost 23p. Things that now cost 1p: modern light bulb for 3 hours, laptop on for 45 mins, microwave or heater for 3 mins, kettle for 90 seconds.

Excited about the cycling race going through Southend and Rayleigh this afternoon. I'll be out there, cheering them on!

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