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Fixing Spectre by keeping websites isolated from each other - a set of HTTP headers

In 2019, Microsoft added exFAT file-system code to Linux, after a long history of being proprietary

Postgres database is extendable - you can write your own index implementation by implementing a few functions.

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Is it finished? A silly progress bar built at the Creative Coding workshop at the Recurse Center:

Level of detail available on by region. What's wrong with North East England? Not enough volunteers gathering info? cc @democlub

Just 6 days until local and regional elections in the UK. Find your local councillors at:

Suggestions that electrons and muons behave differently from Fermilab and CERN may help us explain the three generations of matter (and more)

Yesterday, local councils published the candidates in May's elections. Geeks are collecting all the data in one place, at the alarmingly impressive rate of 1,000 elections/day. Join in:

Websites which load quickly get a boost to their position in Google search results. Industry ideas on what gets measured: And Google's speed checker:

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