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Haloween is the time of dark magic, and is exactly 6 months opposite the May Faeries, a time of darker magic.

The UK's covid rules are made law (with minimal review) as Statutory Instruments, which you can read online statutoryinstruments.parliamen

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Finaly convinced myself to ignore "more important work" to set aside some time to play with io_uring + liburing. Created a RTP load generator that can already send more than 1 million RTP frames per second - from normal Linux userspace! Thank you

More coronavirus testing means more positive tests, so can we make any comparisons with the spring? Nothing beats putting numbers in a spreadsheet and giving it a go!

An interesting prediction: "By 2030, half of the UK adult population will be vegan." Disagree? Challenge for the prestige (as the money goes to charity!)

Tonight is the Ig Nobel prize ceremony, a celebration of the most interesting scientific discoveries of our age. 11pm London time (6pm New York time)

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