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Less meat is nearly always better than sustainable meat, to reduce your carbon footprint

Don't be confused by the '70s name and flowery shirt - this is 100% electronic music. Mostly laid-back and relaxing, with occasional strongly emotional tubes mixed in.

It's about time to plant Tomato seeds into propagators and on the windowsill. I recommend Midnight Snack, a cherry tomato with black fruit, which tasted great last year.

Next tuesday is shrove turesday, also known as pancake day. The origins of the festival is to have a big party and eat lots, before fasting during lent. Pancake recipe: mix 200ml milk + 100g plain flour + 1 egg.

National parties are part of europe-wide europarties, which combine into even broader groupings. The largest are centre-right EPP (25%), centre-left S&D (20%) and liberal Renew (15%).

If you know a website which is about to disappear... if no one else is uploading it to the Internet Archive Wayback machine... and if you can find them in the irc channel... maybe you can discover... The Archive-Team.

Most websites allow you to connect using the private and secure https protocol, but it's not always the default. HTTPS Everywhere makes it the default.

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~ Welcome to adsh, the adventure shell ~

You are in your home directory. Your internet connection is stable.

Nearby, you can see many files, such as note.txt, .adshrc, and feb_10_2020_syn.wav.

You have tools curl, vim, and python3.

Possible exits are ., .., Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and web_site.

adsh> touch file :t_blink:

Wikipedia is available in many small languages. But how do you balance auto-generating enough content to be useful (and used), while not discouraging native speakers from writing from the local point of view? is one attempt, as seen in these search results in the Sami language Wikipedia:

The weather forecast from the Met Office can display wind speed using the Beaufort scale Change how wind speed is shown in menu, settings:

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