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All coal is the same age, and we're not making any more of it.

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Merry Christmas to everyone from gate 43 this morning. My 19th year of airports at Christmas. This song by the @TheDoubleclicks means so much. (And happy holidays too...)

Home-made Christmas decoration. If Dulux are wondering where their paint colour cards are, don't tell them.

Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds sounds strange and alien and disco. An amazing concept album, and worth listening to the whole thing.

London Reconnections annual Christmas quiz is out. It's about transport in London, and it's impossible as always.

We're in this brexit mess because David Cameron got a majority in 2015, even though:
- 2 in 3 people voted against him
- 159 Tory seats where most people didn't vote Tory

Our electoral system is a disaster. Vote tactically.

CURLmas is back! The advent calendar webpage that takes all 24 days of advent to download! Be amazed as the image changes every day without any JavaScript! Swoon as the progress bar in curl or wget shows the percentage of advent completed!

OSCE act as international observers in elections everywhere from the United States to Kyrgyzstan. They've been invited to the UK general election, continuing a 15 year tradition.

Fed up with the election campaigns and useless politicians? You'll be even more fed up when the wrong one gets elected! Register to vote - last day Tuesday.

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