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I have a Fairphone 2, which I love: it encourages you to open it up and look inside. I'm very likely to get the Fairphone 3.

Remember the old orange square hazard pictograms for toxic, flammable, etc? They got replaced by red and white GHS pictograms way back in 2008 (EC 1272/2008), but only fully disappeared in 2017. Standardization is great, but I miss the attention-grabbing orange.

19 October. Join me and up to one million friends in demanding an end to brexit.

Malaria was common across half the world – since then it has been eliminated in many regions

A visitor has arrived from a distant star - a comet this time, which is much easier to spot than Oumuamua was.

How democratic is each country? Polity4 is a dataset which will give you long-term trends for each country (up to 2013). Many huge countries are sort-of democratic: Indonesia, Brazil, India. China is the big autocracy.

NPR buys oil, from an oil well, and sells it to a refinery. Digging oil has a huge impact on the economy, climate and society. This is a great way to show what's happening in a huge and often hidden industry.

The 2019 IgNobel prize ceremony is TONIGHT at 11pm, and is webcast live. Past winners include "the perceived personalities of rocks from a sales and marketing perspective" and "the effectiveness of human saliva as a cleaning fluid".

OpenTrainTimes has lots of block signalling diagrams, showing the location of trains and the signal aspects. It's super amazing.

Most people should enable 2-factor-authentication (Google Authenticator), but GMail has an even stricter setting for those most at risk of hacking attempts.

Glad to see is still going strong. I remember reading it while at uni, and it is still my favourite source of news about biscuits.

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