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Glad to see is still going strong. I remember reading it while at uni, and it is still my favourite source of news about biscuits.

The UK government wants to suspend parliament for 4 weeks. There is only 9 weeks until the brexit deadline. Parliament has been on summer holidays for 5 weeks and a leadership election for 8 weeks. More time off is a bad idea.

Wikidata, a spin-off from Wikipedia, knows lots of facts. Anyone can write queries, such as this list of people who have won both the Nobel Prize and IgNobel Prize:

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Plus my phone seems to be encrusted with glitter now. It may not take great selfies, but at least it looks great.

Need more RAM? If only you could compress pages of memory... but you can! I use zram (apt:zram-tools) everywhere. It takes some of your memory, makes it a ramdisk with compression, and mounts it as a swap disk.

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The modern Linux equivalent to .zip is .tgz, and it makes me happy that the program which makes them still supports -L, an option which lets you change the reel of magnetic tape part way through. has a list of all recent ssl certificates which appear in the certificate transparency logs.

Epic music: playing Mega Man 2 while Bit Brigade play the soundtrack

It's Early Harvest, when farmers harvest corn and celebrate the first loaves of bread from this years harvest. It's also a good time to collect blackberries and other wild berries

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