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New version is released this Saturday. AppArmour and Wayland by default, upstart removed, Python 3.7 (which supports type annotations)

Game recommendation: FTL: Faster Than Light. Send the crew to frantically patch up the spaceship, while being chased across the galaxy by an overpowering foe. Which is basically the plot of star wars, firefly, etc. Great soundtrack.

Soccer world cup: VAR? More like VCR! It takes that long because they need to rewind the tape.

It's midsummer, the longest day (in the northern hemisphere). A time of travel and calm seas, of bonfires and barbecues.

I now run a service which helps you diagnose slow queries in PostgreSQL. It makes a diagram from the query planner output, helping you see which bit is slow.

Hong Kong government trying to allow extradition to China, weakening HK independence. Estimates of numbers protesting between 1 in 8 and 1 in 30.

The newspapers will promote strange new diets, but the expert advice has remained the same: lots of veg, lots of carbs

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