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Very pleased with EU election result.
- Strong Remain (Lib Dem, Green, etc) got 40.4%
- Strong Leave (Bexit and UKIP) only got 34.9%
Don't Know (Lab and Con) got 23.2%.

Wonder why your screws never go in straight? Make a pilot hole using pin punch and mallet first!

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Vote vote vote vote, vote vote vote vote, vote vote vote vote, VOTEY VOTEY VOTE VOTE!

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Thanks to and particularly, video recordings of OsmoDevCon 2019 (#Osmocom Developer Conference) are online at

EU election: most UK political parties have a good balance of men and women, with one major exception.

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Here's an interesting perspective: Code Is Not Literature

It addresses a puzzle:

> [So many programmers say], “People should read code” but few people seem to actually do it. I’d be surprised if I interviewed a novelist and asked them what the last novel they had read was, and they said, “Oh, I haven’t really read a novel since I was in grad school.” Writers actually read other writers but it doesn’t seem that programmers really do, even though we say we should.

People solving problems is strangely relaxing - Apollo 13 flight director loop

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