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Thanks to and particularly, video recordings of OsmoDevCon 2019 (#Osmocom Developer Conference) are online at

EU election: most UK political parties have a good balance of men and women, with one major exception.

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Here's an interesting perspective: Code Is Not Literature

It addresses a puzzle:

> [So many programmers say], “People should read code” but few people seem to actually do it. I’d be surprised if I interviewed a novelist and asked them what the last novel they had read was, and they said, “Oh, I haven’t really read a novel since I was in grad school.” Writers actually read other writers but it doesn’t seem that programmers really do, even though we say we should.

People solving problems is strangely relaxing - Apollo 13 flight director loop

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Introduced my 6 year old to voting this morning on the way to school. Start ‘em young I say.

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Back when there were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shilings in a pound, the IBM 1401 computer had optional hardware (i.e. transistors) to do arithmetic on pounds/shillings/pence. Of course, there were two incompatible data standards—BSI and IBM—so this knob selected the format.

PyPy uses utf-8 internally for unicode strings. Such a better idea than 4-byte characters (py2) or 1/2/4-byte (py3)

Local council election campaign is hotting up: the Independent is ex-Conservative, and the Conservative is ex-Labour. At least the Lib Dem candidate is the normal one! Leaflets: (Upload your leaflets too!)

Life on Earth started almost immediately after it cooled, but it took 2bn years - half of Earth's history - before photosynthesis arrived. Shortly afterwards we got multicellular life. Energy from sunlight was the difficult bit.

The 50-Year Newspaper: "What would happen if, instead of us getting news updates multiple times a day, what if we only got news updates every 50 years? Things would look really different."

A pentaquark is a particle made of 5 quarks. The has been investigating the most common arrangements of the quarks inside it.

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It's local election time in some parts of the UK. Find out who your local candidates are:

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