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review: A Fire Upon The Deep by Verner Vinge. Reads like a timeless sci-fi classic, with lots of space given to showing off the world and its ideas. But it's also well paced and builds up to be a proper page-turner by the end.

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here at the TelcoSecDay of I'm learning that in 2019, SS7 firewall/IDS products use a ten year old kernel (2.6.32) and are vulnerable to IP fragmentation bypass which are at least 20 years old. Is that the state of cellular security, OMFG!

Something wrong with the phone mast? No encryption, rejecting handsets, not advertised by other masts? SnoopSnitch is an android app which will tell you about it Full list:

The crossing points at ate where collisions happen, and they're surrounded by detectors. But which important direction has no detectors?

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Shadows of the ancient ridge-and-furrow cultivation system appearing during the 2018 UK drought. Found this while mapping for @openstreetmap.

I'm in Seville! There is sunshine, seville oranges and seven-hundred year old buildings. ☀

briefly landed on (and shot at) an asteroid so that it could collect bits of asteroid to bring back to Earth.

Stayed up so late I met the milkman. Seemed nice, happy to see someone.

"After a short pause, the entire room, with a large proportion of lawyers in the audience, *giggled*, a sound that can only be described as chilling, then applauded"

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I was about to start my machine when a man suddenly appeared in the lab.
"I come from the future," he said.
More people appeared as he spoke.
"Are you here to stop me?" I asked.
"No, to witness."
Proud, I turned back to my machine, then heard a whisper:
"This bit is hilarious!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Just discovered that our rustpython #webassembly build has better performance than our native build!! What a great time to be alive!

#rustpython #rust

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finally I've released squashfskit which creates reproducible squashsfs images. #reproduciblebuilds

For the vegan in your life: fake cheese that really does taste like cheese

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@MoreThanScore @DamianHinds The SAT results (as well as KS1 and Phones tests) are sent for each child on a named basis, to loads of third party companies. They then profile each child using the scores. #MoreThanAScore @MoreThanScore #PlayNotTestsAt4 This is one company example.


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