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I got my flu jab at the weekend.

Flu looks to be doing some relatively big numbers already this year and a bad flu season is being predicted.

Probably time to book yourself that flu jab if you haven't done already.

The Boundary Commission have updated proposals for constituency boundaries which elect UK MPs.

In Southend, the left-wing city centre is no longer split, so Southend West will be a much closer contest. Without the city centre, Southend East becomes even more blue.

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If you've ever played any #TextAdventures or #InteractiveFiction, or have an interest in digital narrative, I encourage you to play and vote on some games from the 28th annual Interactive Fiction Competition (#ifcomp) this weekend!

You're fully prepared if you've ever played any text adventure games, but most entries won't require any previous experience. Many are not games at all but short pieces of fiction—our community welcomes both types!

You only need to judge 5 games to have your vote counted, and it's important to us as a community to broaden the representation of the judging pool.

Please check it out at

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I love this mastodon feature and just want to point it out for people who may be creating/updating their profiles: You can self-verify links in your profile!

Diamond Geezer talks about pylons - featuring the amazing Open Infrastructure Map Not many pylons in London, but I've photographed the tallest.

As you put the clocks back tonight, remember that UTC doesn't stand for anything in French or English. It's a compromise where neither country got the acronym they want!

90s TV where two teams make ridiculous machines out of junk. Episode 1: aeroplanes. Amazing!

Steve Mould explains how petrol pumps turn off when the tank is full

1 in 80 people signed a petition requesting a general election.
1 in 400 are Tory party members.
Time for a general election.

Electricity standing charge for those on prepayment metres (ie: zero electricity use) is £187/year. Which is more than 5% of Universal Credit for under-25s (£3,184/year).

Tilting It Sideways: stories about hackers causing damage in the real world.

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I have started to upload the old Linux Outlaws backlog to The Internet Archive. I can't promise a time frame to get all episodes up there, but I will give my best. Feel free to share with people who are very nostalgic for the past.


Canaletto is known for painting for aristocratic tourists doing the Grand Tour. But in The Stonemason's Yard, he shows a different view of Venice.

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