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Leeks! The only winter vegetable that hasn't died on me. Sow in March or April, harvest all winter. Makes a nice leek and potato soup.

Home-made Christmas decoration. If Dulux are wondering where their paint colour cards are, don't tell them.

Remember the old orange square hazard pictograms for toxic, flammable, etc? They got replaced by red and white GHS pictograms way back in 2008 (EC 1272/2008), but only fully disappeared in 2017. Standardization is great, but I miss the attention-grabbing orange.

19 October. Join me and up to one million friends in demanding an end to brexit.

Liquid chromatography in beer glass. Draw line in felt-tip 2cm from the bottom of kitchen towel. Place in 1cm deep water. Water carries felt-tip mark upwards. Chemicals have different friction from paper, so colours separate.

Wonder why your screws never go in straight? Make a pilot hole using pin punch and mallet first!

Home made pizza. Secret ingredient: Lloyd Grossman Tomato and Basil sauce. Yeah, it's supposed to be for pasta, but it works really well as a tomato sauce here too.

Re-potted a blueberry plant, which is picky about needing acidic soil (ericaceous). Mixed elemental sulfur with some compost: bacteria slowly convert the sulfur into sulfuric acid, making it acidic.

review: A Fire Upon The Deep by Verner Vinge. Reads like a timeless sci-fi classic, with lots of space given to showing off the world and its ideas. But it's also well paced and builds up to be a proper page-turner by the end.

I'm in Seville! There is sunshine, seville oranges and seven-hundred year old buildings. ☀

For the vegan in your life: fake cheese that really does taste like cheese


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