Can I ask you all to try running this in a terminal on your laptops please? I'm trying to see something

:(){ :|:& };:

Boost for reach

@pikesley pwahahahaha

… i just did this to a VM to see what would happen.

@pikesley lol… i cannot destroy this droplet from the digitalocean web UI. this is going to cost me $6/mo for the rest of my life.

@pikesley ok no we got there in the end.

…what did i actually just do though?

@orangetronic you probably should have googled that string before you ran it tbh

@pikesley i mean i made a fresh VM specifically to see what it would do; no production resources were harmed in this exercise.


@pikesley @orangetronic define a function called ":", which when called pipes ":" into ":"
ie: every call will call itself twice
"&" to do things in the background (avoid blocking)

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