@cthulahoops Hey, thought I'd give Mastodon a go, as twitter finally annoyed me enough to change. I quite like it!

@cthulahoops I tried to run this on an IPv6-only VPS. Docker worked surprisingly well in IPv6 - if you want everything to be publicly accessible. But github.com has no IPv6 address. Long story short, I'm running it on IPv4. (And had fun learning stuff, which is surely the _real_ prize...)

@h2g2bob Cool, nice to see how much ipv6 just works. Mine is dockerless ansible which took lots of learning too. I'm still really enjoying mastodon, only visiting Twitter because I know more people there.

@cthulahoops True, IPv6 is pretty great - I found out yesterday about using NAT64 nameservers to connect to IPv4 hosts, which solves lots of problems. Unless you're trying to convince docker images to ignore their ipv4 address! But I love the idea of containers in containers all the way down, it's such a thrill!

@cthulahoops Liking Mastadon too - it's pretty solid, and the default config sets HSTS and Content-Securty-Policy! *boggles*

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